Company Profile

Coupling Protection Systems Ltd has a core team of people each having over 20 years experience in ‘down hole’ cable protection equipment and over a decade in the design, manufacture and supply of coupling protectors and associated equipment.

Based in the UK and with manufacturing facilities in China and having good access to a network of air and sea ports we are well positioned to deliver our products anywhere in the world.

Our range of both cast and fabricated coupling protectors have been developed to meet the challenges of today’s global drilling operations.

Having established industry leading manufacturing practices, high levels of product reliability and minimising order delivery times we have been able us to supply our products to most major end users and installation companies throughout the world.

Mission Statement

Our ongoing aim is to supply products based upon the highest standard of design and manufacture into the ‘down hole’ drilling industry which meet the needs of the working environment and yet have the minimum impact on the greater environment.


Our Products

Protector Clamps

  • All Cast Construction
  • Strap Type / Slim Protectors
  • Cast Spine
  • Fabricated Protectors
  • Custom Specials
  • TRSSV/SSV Protectors
  • Mid Joint protectors
  • Splice Joint protectors
  • Installation kits
  • Special cross-overs

Control Line

  • Control Line
  • Encapsulated Lines & Cables
  • Flatpack Configurations