Custom Products

Alongside our standard product range we also supply many custom products. These are often driven by customers who have a specific requirement for an item of equipment which may be a modified version of a standard item or a completely new product.

A few examples of typical products are shown on this page but we are happy to discuss your specific requirements and aim to provide a workable solution.

High Pressure Hydraulic Fittings

We can supply high pressure hydraulic fittings and associated equipment in stainless steel and Inconel to meet the needs of the working environment.

Strap Type Protector

Designed for tight annular spaces, this product offers excellent protection, each protector is drift tested before despatch.

This type of protector has a cast steel section protecting the cables and a sheet metal strap for attachment onto the production tubing.

Centralising Protector

Nylon running guides positioned around the body ensure that the protector remains in the centre of the drift.

Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve Protector

To protect lines and cables running over the TRSV a steel casting protector is utilised which is supplied in two sections.